Food and Facilities Sanitation

The Mecklenburg County Food and Facilities Sanitation Program (F&FS) is a mandated program is administered by the local Health Department pursuant to Chapter 130A of the General Statutes of North Carolina. F&FS issues permits to more than 4,400 food service facilities operating in Mecklenburg County and conducts more than 13,000 facility inspections per year.


F&FS provides plan review, permitting and evaluation of restaurants, temporary food services, meat markets, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, child care centers and schools and investigates child lead poisoning cases.

F&FS also reviews facility plans, investigates requests of unsanitary conditions and poor food handling practices, and provides educational information to workers to help prevent foodborne illnesses. 

F&FS is responsible for enforcing state statutes and local ordinances governing a number of different types of facilities:

    • Restaurants and Drink Stands

    • Food Stands

    • Pushcarts and Mobile Food Units

    • Private and Public School Lunchrooms

    • Private and Public School Buildings

    • Catered Elderly Nutrition Sites

    • Limited Food Service Facilities

    • Lodging Facilities (hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast)

    • Meat Markets

    • Public Swimming Pools

    • Rest Homes and Nursing Homes

    • Hospitals

    • Home Day Care Facilities

    • Residential Care Facilities (group homes and family foster homes)

    • Local Confinement Facilities (jails)

    • Adult Day Care Homes

    Services and Resources

    Food Process Variance

    Employee Health

    Training Videos

    Edge Training Method

    Sanitizing Solution - English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Testing Your Sanitizer -English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces -English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Time/Temperature Control for Safety Foods -English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Safe Food Temperatures - English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Checking Your Thermometers - English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Cooling Food Safely -English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Date Marking for Food Safety -English | Spanish | Mandarin

    Hand Washing / Non Bare Hand Contact